The Economical Foundation of Patto Marciano: A European Perspective (Part II)

Mutuo Fondiario  Mutuo Fondiaro is a special form of mortgage loans which confers some extra protections and prerogatives to the creditors -that are primarily banks or other Financial Institutions- compared to the traditional ordinary loans. Due to these protections, Mutuo Fondiario has become the preferential instrument of credit issuers (banks and FIs).  The counterparts to[…]

The Economical Foundation of Patto Marciano: A European Perspective (Part I)

Introduction to Patto Marciano: A Comprehensive Analysis In an attempt to overhaul the Italian Bank Credit system, the “Consolidated Banking Act”, also known as “Patto Marciano”, has been ratified by Italian Legislators. It compromises of two parts, Article 120-quinquiesdecies which deals with ‘Consumer’ Loans, and article 48-bis, regulating ‘Corporate’ Loans; passed by the Legislative Decree[…]

behavioral economics

ABCs of Behavioral Economics

What is Behavioral Economics? The axioms and the theories in the field of economics have all one thing in common: they are based on this hypothesis that the economical agents are Homo-Economicus; meaning that they are rational, logical people, capable of taking all the aspects of each situation into account, and analyze rigorously all the[…]