What is Section 230 Legislation and why is it under attack?

What is Section 230? Section 230 is a Provision of the Communication Decency Act (CDA) of 1996, a piece of Internet law that shields tech companies from liability suits by treating them as a distributer of news and not publishers or speaker of the information. The difference is that they cannot be held accountable for[…]

The future of Republican Party: Ben Sasse VS Trumpism

Ben Sasse, the Republican Senator of Nebraska, is not highly well-known outside small circles of political nerds. But here I will delve into the reasons why he has been hailed by many, as a GOP rising star and having a good prospect of being the future of the Republican Party. WHO IS BEN SASSE? The[…]

Global Stagnation; Disruption; Insider Trading: Tracking the Effects of Coronavirus

SENATORS UNDER SCRUTINY Last week it was reported that some U.S. senators were accused of insider trading based on non-public information on Coronovirus. On 24th of January, Senators were given a closed door briefing on Coronovirus and then they sold millions of dollars’ worth of stocks, one week before the stock markets decreased to historic[…]