The Netherlands offers ‘gifts’ after facing fierce backlash from Southern Europe

The Netherlands drew backlash recently, after they rejected the idea of “Coronabonds”, bonds composed of loans from all EU countries as a form of joint debt. Dutch government believes issuing joint debt is a step too far, which will take years to negotiate. Besides Holland, some other Northern member states including Germany, Austria and Finland[…]

Global Stagnation; Disruption; Insider Trading: Tracking the Effects of Coronavirus

SENATORS UNDER SCRUTINY Last week it was reported that some U.S. senators were accused of insider trading based on non-public information on Coronovirus. On 24th of January, Senators were given a closed door briefing on Coronovirus and then they sold millions of dollars’ worth of stocks, one week before the stock markets decreased to historic[…]

Tracking the effects of Coronavirus: Italy VS the USA

The Coronavirus pandemic is one of the most complicated threats that the world has faced in the 21st century. It directly effects public health, politics and economics, with major ramifications and dire consequences for financial markets, businesses, sports, governments and the society as a whole. To this date, there have been more than 179,000 COVID-19[…]