Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Report finally wrapped up!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The highly-anticipated Mueller Report has been submitted to Attorney General, William Barr, yesterday, on 22nd of March. So, the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether Donald Trump’s campaign colluded or coordinated with Russian operatives, is finally over.

We have yet to discover what is on the report. AG Barr is expected to release it soon.

The investigation started 22 months ago, on May 2017, few days after President Trump fired FBI director James Comey while admitting later during an NBC interview with Lester Holt that he had Russia investigation in mind when he decided to dismiss Comey.

Mr Comey later publicly testified before Congress in Capitol Hill about his interactions with President Trump when he commanded a loyalty pledge: “I want loyalty, I expect loyalty” said Trump, according to Comey. A loyalty pledge that Mr Comey refused to give, and some time after that, he was fired. James Comey wrote in his book, titled A Higher Loyalty, that his encounters with president reminded him of Mob bosses and compared President Trump to a criminal organization boss.

Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, Appointed Robert S. Mueller III, former FBI director (from 2001 to 2013), as a Special Counsel for investigating Russia’s role and their interference efforts during 2016 election. Rosenstein was in charge of overseeing the investigation, since then-Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, recused himself after reports of him meeting with Russian Ambassador Kislyak, in 2016 came out.

Who is Robert Mueller?

Robert Swan Mueller III, who served under both Presidents Bush and Obama, is a Vietnam War veteran, a Purple Heart Medal and a Bronze Star Medal recipient for his valor and bravery. Every FBI director has a 10-year tenure, but in 2011, Mueller III was asked by President Obama to continue his service for another 2 years. The Senate approved this request 100–0 on July 27, 2011. This made him 2nd longest serving FBI director in history after FBI’s founder J. Edgar Hoover.

Maryam Rahmani.

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