An opinion piece in appreciation of Mitt Romney

Last month, on the 5th of February , the United States Senate voted on two articles of impeachment against president Trump: Abuse of Power; and Obstruction of Justice. The third president in the history of U.S. to be impeached. After months of impeachment inquiries, hearings, testimonies from witnesses and many subpoenas issued by House Intelligence[…]

Super Tuesday: the Road to the White House

A view of the North Portico of the White House (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian) Former Vice President Joe Biden had a stunning and unpredictable Super Tuesday in which he had landslide victories in most of the states holding primaries. WHAT IS SUPER TUESDAY? Super Tuesday refers to the Tuesday in a[…]

Trumpoconomics: Data shows the state of U.S. economy is strong

President Trump recently took to twitter to tout low unemployment rates and high job creation numbers. He also claimed that the current US economy is the greatest in American history. (Fact check: it is not). For 2019, the data shows an annual average growth of 2.3%, ending the year at 2.1% for the fourth quarter.[…]

Nevada Caucuses: Democratic Candidates’ third battleground

PRE-CACUSES What happens in Vegas, does (not) stay in Vegas! On 19th of February, right before the Nevada Caucuses, a debate was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, which featured six Democratic candidates who got the qualification to participate in that debate. The qualified candidates included: former Vice President Joe Biden, former New York City Mayor[…]

A Tale of two States: Fiasco in Iowa, Klobmentum in New Hampshire

On February 3 2020, Iowa Democratic caucuses took place, and soon it turned into a complete disaster. A series of screw-ups and digital malfunction caused so much confusion and delay in the reporting of the results that bewildered a nation and frustrated the candidates. WHAT ARE PRIMARIES AND CAUCUSES? Both Republicans and Democrats engage in[…]

New polling data of 2020 Democratic candidates and details of the major factors

As we approach end of May, it’s good to take a look at the latest polling data of 2020 Democratic candidates and compare their performance at this moment against prior months, and breaking down major factors such as age, gender and level of education of voting samples. New “Monmouth” Dem poll: Joe Biden: 33% Bernie[…]

Trump and the habit of giving his opponents unpleasant nicknames

President Trump, who is notorious for giving his critics and opponents nicknames and poking fun at them, has come up with a new insult toward presidential candidate, mayor Pete Buttigieg. During a rally on Thursday, Trump first mocked Buttigieg’s difficult-to-pronounce, Maltese surname, “Boot-edge-edge,” the president sounded out, “They say ‘edge-edge.’” Then he proceeded to call[…]

Latest Polling data on U.S. Presidential Candidates

As of now, there are 21 officially confirmed Democrats running for the highest office of the land, while on Republican side, only William F. (Bill) Weld, has decided to challenge the incumbent president, Donald Trump for 2020 election so far. Bill Weld is an attorney, businessman and politician, who formerly served as the Governor of[…]

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Report finally wrapped up!

The highly-anticipated Mueller Report has been submitted to Attorney General, William Barr, yesterday, on 22nd of March. So, the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether Donald Trump’s campaign colluded or coordinated with Russian operatives, is finally over. We have yet to discover what is on the report. AG[…]

2020 Presidential Campaigns Are Already Hyping Up

Fifteen. The current number of Democratic candidates officially announcing their aspirations to become the next President of United States. The ever-growing field of Democrats running for the presidency is worth discussing. The number is not yet fixed, as there are other names being thrown around, of individuals in the party who may announce soon or[…]